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Events & News

We are genuinely thrilled to welcome a huge range of wonderful teachers, bringing their own work and people to Tyddyn Retreat. We host many yoga retreats, also retreats which include meditation, Qigong, weaving, poetry, movement, cello... and many more delicious forms of learning. What might you like to see?!

Our intention is to let you know about the open programmes, through information on this page. Please watch this space ! Meanwhile......

superhost_badge_header-3f02c2324be4e04f116b6e1b3a24802e.png  NEWS FLASH! .... Airbnb have kindly made us a Superhost again !.... We appreciate that ... and all of our Airbnb guests.  And for those out there in Airbnb hosting land... apparently it can make a difference being a Superhost. One of our recent guests, who uses Airbnb a LOT, says that she always looks out for the Superhost badge when searching....The same guest was kind enough to say "I stay in Airbnb accommodation often, and this is the best equipped place I have ever stayed in!". Thanks Helle. 😄