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Find Us

Find Tyddyn Retreat tucked away in the seclusion of the Cambrian Mountains – while easily accessible by train or driving.

A couple of hours from Birmingham & the Airport (train or drive), a little more from Manchester, and around 4 hours or so from London (depending on traffic of course)

Map – find us here...

Public transport

We encourage our guests to come by train wherever possible. As well as being significantly more eco, it’s often more relaxing. We’re happy to arrange for a local taxi to collect you from Caersws station – just 15 mins from Tyddyn Retreat. Alternatively bus X85 from Caersws will drop you at our gate, which is a five or ten minute walk from the Tyddyn Retreat, or we’ll pick you up.

Caersws Station

Caersws station is between Newtown and Machylleth – directly west from Birmingham on this map. The train also passes Tyddyn Retreat – perhaps we’ll have our own stop one day ! The station at Carno itself may well open again - exactly where the Laura Ashley business was born.

Arriving by car

We are directly off the main A470 ‘spine’ of Wales road, and easy to reach. 

From Newtown...

• Take the A489, signposted Machynlleth. After roughly 6 miles turn right (just before a level crossing) onto the A470 – again signposted Machynlleth.. & Carno.

• Follow the A470 through Caersws, then Clatter, then Carno (our local village)

• As you go out of the far end of the village, the road turns right over the railway and then immediately sharp left. From this point the turning to Tyddyn Retreat is around 1.6 miles on the left. Watch out for a triangle road sign showing a little turning to left and one to the right: you are taking the one to the left (by a big tree)



      Tyddyn Retreat - hidden in the trees            Approaching the sharp turn left



   Over the bridge

  Approaching Tyddyn Retreat 

From Welshpool...

• From many directions….you will probably come to Welshpool. From there, for the beautiful route over the mountains, take the A458 towards Machynlleth. See signs to Machynlleth when passing Welshpool on the A483.

• At Llanfair Caereinion, turn off (left) into the village. Ove the bridge into the main street, following the street round the corner & up the hill – taking the first left, with a sign that includes Carno. After a few hundred yards there is a turning to the right, also signed to Carno. Keep following the Carno signs over the mountains until you come down the other side into Carno.

• At the T junction turn right… and follow the directions from Carno above.

From Machynlleth...

• Tyddyn Retreat is directly off the A470, 1.5 miles before Carno. From Machynlleth, take the A489 following the signs to Newtown.

• After 6 miles you will take the right fork at Cemmaes Road/ Glantwymyn. You are now on the A470 - The Cambrian Way, that runs from top to bottom of Wales.

• After 6 more miles you will go through Llanbrynmair. Another mile, you pass through Dolfach… and a further mile and a half through Talerddig.

• After the bends through Talerddig, you are on the first straight piece of road for many miles. This is where some folks tend to put their foot down and race!

• The lane to Tyddyn Retreat is on the right about half way down the straight bit – say half a mile. You will pass some converted barns on the right by the road.

• There is a triangle roadsign showing a little turning to left and one to the right. You are taking the right hand one (by a big tree). The rest is as paragraph 4 above….

A note on Satnav to SY17 5JU.  There are five properties with this postcode so your Satnav is likely to take you for a surprise visit to one of our neighbours! To come straight to Tyddyn Retreat, when you are on the main A470 at Carno please make sure you follow the directions above.  Do give us a call if you need to.