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Our flexible venue packages

At Tyddyn Retreat we like to provide everything that a larger venue might have, while offering the beauty of a secluded, private space, deep in nature and yet accessible, and a truly personalised service.

We are happy to create whatever package you need - from simply hiring our meeting space for the day, to a complete event design and facilitation package with accommodation, catering and off-site relevant activities. You are invited to choose from any of the services Tyddyn Retreat offers, and to let us know if there is anything else you need or would like:

  • our indoor workshop and meeting space
  • a range of delicious outdoor spaces
  • beautifully styled accommodation
  • catering or self-catering
  • meeting, event and programme design and facilitation
  • off-site activities to fit the programme or for partners
  • transport

T Barn Nov14 for mtg Sz.jpg

This inspiring space has an oak floor, is bathed in natural light and looks out over the gardens and hills. It has a cinema screen and protection equipment, sound system and a stage piano (for those inclined!). The furnishings allow for a wide variety of settings – from ‘theatre style’ for 35 people, to table seating for 25, to relaxed cushions for more informal workshops. It’s a great party space for larger gatherings of around 60 or more people. For meetings, we can provide flipchart, pens etc..

T Barn Aug14 Sz.jpg

The old working Tractor Barn retains it’s original beams, is lined with thick Welsh sheep’s wool insulation in the walls, has a large wood burner for additional heat when needed, and programmable eco lighting which allows you to change the four sources of light to create the feeling you need. When available, holiday guests may use the Tractor Barn as their own private cinema

TB ready for workshop Sz.jpg

For meetings and trainings, the cottages make wonderful breakout spaces – as do our wide range of gazebos and outdoor seating areas. We have a wealth of garden furniture for guests to enjoy – from a modern eight seater glass topped dining table and chairs, to white Victorian restored seating, swing seats and relaxed outdoor sofas and chairs.

An example of a special occasion, when 100 people joined Romy, the creator of Tyddyn Retreat, for a milestone birthday, over three days ! We filled all the B&Bs in our village, Carno, and beyond, in addition to having a full house here. We're happy to help you design and organise all manner of special events - feel free to ask for ideas as soon as you like.

med wheel and tipi Sz.jpg

Enjoy this large stone circle as a place for special events, conversation or simply a night-time campfire. On an accessible hillside the stone circle has breathtaking views. We’re happy to introduce you to the use of the circle as a ‘medicine wheel’ according to Native American traditions, if that is of interest.

For special gatherings and conversations, a tipi is hard to beat. See each other's faces in the light of the fire, or look out to the hill and woodland. For very special occasions we can decorate the tipi with jute matting and plenty of cushions for a beautiful cozy feel. 

Organisational help

The organisations we have helped include those wanting an awayday, workshop, training event, on-going series of leadership retreats, and long term organisational change support.

Whether you are a start-up non-profit, major multinational, or local/national government body, we have experience to bring to you - based at Tyddyn Retreat or elsewhere. Please see for more.

Our approach

Our reputation is based on focusing in an inspiring way on the issues or learning needed, and producing immediate practical outcomes, in addition to plans for longer term change. We also specialise in using various adventure activities for organizational needs such as team building and leadership development – creating both an memorable experience and learning. Poetry, music and storytelling are just a few of the other ways in which we create deep learning and change.

Adventure/Partner programmes

For ideas of the many adventure activities available locally, please see AREA & ACTIVITIES. From these resources we can also build Partner Programmes to suit all tastes.

Specialist organisational and workshop provision

As the pace and complexity of organisational and personal lives continues to increase, people crave spaces in which they can replenish their energies, expand their thinking and grow their effectiveness. Tyddyn Retreat is designed to provide this.

From Romy Shovelton and Wikima’s thirty years experience in organization and community development, we have pulled together what our clients tell us they need:

  • An inspirational working space – an environment distinct from the office or a hotel - with all the facilities you might need
  • Accommodation that is beautiful, stylish and with a touch of luxury
  • Catering choices - including self-catering
  • Spaces for productive breakout  conversations – inside and outside
  • Event design and facilitation support of international standard
  • Adventure activities tied into organizational needs
  • Partner programmes in wonderful and interesting surroundings
  • Office needs such as printing – including Wifi in each space.

We are pleased to talk through your particular potential needs at the earliest stage. Just give us a call or drop us an email.