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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • We monitor our energy use and reduce our power needs as much as possible.
    • You can help here by switching off lights when not needed; closing windows when the heating is on; closing fridge/freezer doors as quickly as possible; filling the kettle only as far as needed; only putting the dish washer on when full. Pic of monitor (TO DO)
  • Where possible we avoid packaging, especially plastic bags. You probably know, that since October 2011, single-use plastic bags have a charge of 5p each when you are shopping in Wales. By July 2013 demand for such bags had reduced a fantastic 81%. We use various bags for life or boxes, which we then re-use for storing kindling
    • We welcome you joining us in avoiding packaging. . Pic of bags for life (TO DO)
  • We recycle or compost everything we can: some is collected from the end of our lane on Thursdays. We take large cardboard, tetrapaks and batteries to our wonderful Potters recycling centres in Newtown or Machynlleth.
    • We ask guests to make the most of the recycling boxes and compost caddy in their Cottage. We can show you where to empty these, or let us know and we’ll take care of it for you. Pic of (clean!) recycling area (TO DO)
  • To save electricity and water, almost all our appliances, such as washing machines and dish washers, are A rated: A rated ones will always be used for replacements
    • We recommend short washes eg. our 30 minute one, and drying clothes on our airers rather than in the tumble drier, wherever possible. Pic of airer
  • While we have plentiful water, we still use it wisely
    • We invite you to change towels only when you need to. Our heated towel rails will keep them lovely and dry. Of course let us know if you do need a new towel. pic of towel on heated rail
    • Using hot water wisely too, naturally saves on electricity.
  • We use recycled paper products in the cottages and office – including brochure and business card printing etc.pic of recycled paper, eco liquids, Fair trade TO DO