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Rather than overloading this Tyddyn Retreat website with the huge amount of information there is to explore for Mid Wales, we recomend you to other sites that keep the information filled with useful tips and up to date. When you arrive at Tyddyn Retreat, you then have a veritable feast of maps and books about the local area, and Wales in general, to enjoy diving into.

2 key sites will give your a wealth of information about the whole area - what to see and do and explore, plus special events and their dates:

www.midwalesmyway - the new site for  - and the previous  

Things To Do & Events

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What's On

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Things to Do

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Show Me Wales

Show Me Wales is a great tourist guide to Wales, including full details of hundreds of attractions, activities, places to eat, towns & villages and places to stay - with plenty of ideas to help you seek out your particular interests. The data is fully cached on the phone so you don't need a signal to use it.

This website and it's app are a helpful source for planning a trip to Wales or to finding what you're looking for nearby when in Wales. Each entry describes the attraction, activity or place, with pictures, opening times and full contact details. Integrated with the Maps app, a quick link shows directions from your current location by car or on foot.

Download Show Me Wales iphone App

Download Show Me Wales Android App

Powys is 'our' county, the largest in Wales, and filled with wonders. Ceredigion our neighbour county also has some treasures to explore. Here's a way to see what's on: 

Some more specific links include:

For walkers: - info about local and national route walks in Mid Wales 01537 520 266 offering walks from stations in Wales and the Border counties since 1989 - each walk accessible with a rail return ticket. A full programme is published on their website. Just meet at the starting station - no booking needed.


Cambrian Mountains - their beauty, character, and wildness 

Clive Myhill